Dorm Yakamoz

Being a university student is a door opening to the best memories of your life. Dorm Yakamoz, with its experienced administrative personnel who give priority to students’ requests and with its high quality of service, cares about that you experience your university life in safety and comfort, that offers opportunities which make your life easier and that being an elegant and comfortable home surrounded family warmth for your good memories in your university life.

Dorm Yakamoz was founded by educators who know the importance and conditions of university education; abstain from trading mindset; and who take care of providing a comfortable environment for living and studying to students. Dorm Yakamoz serves under Ministry of Education in the light of Ataturk’s principles and reforms and it’s not related to any kind of political party or religious association. Dorm buildings are in full compliance with the all terms of current fire and earthquake regulations and they have been certified in that their compliance with fire regulations.

Our students’ safety and comfort is quite important to us. In dorm buildings, located in the center of Şişli and Beşiktaş; with CCTV that is active for 24/7; areas for studying; fitness centers; dining halls; cleaning services; hot water; high speed internet in common areas and rooms; and administrative staff with visionary educators, we offer a modern, peaceful, comfortable and secured living space to you.